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17th September 2008

Samba De Amigo

26th October 2007

Samba Wii confirmed again

27th September 2007

Samba for Wii confirmed

Samba De Amigo

Samba De Amigo


Re-issuing dusty old back-catalogue titles on the Wii isn't perhaps the most imaginative or exciting thing SEGA could have done. Some new games would have been nice. But with a completely overlooked ace up their sleeve like Samba De Amigo, you can't blame them at all. Fondly remembered for being one of the more outlandish rhythm-action games of the early part of the decade, its GBP 99.99 price point and ridiculously limited release on Dreamcast meant that Sonic Team's effort became little more than a collectible curio. If you're one of the 2000 UK gamers who bagged one, lucky you. The superb maraca controllers remain, to this day, the most joyfully silly gaming peripheral ever made.

The premise is utterly daft, and the game is all the more endearing for it. You play an unhinged-looking, square-headed, sombrero-wearing, maraca-shaking monkey. You can tell he's happy. He's undoubtedly had his fill of bananas, and now wants to express his undying love for latin rhythms by shaking a set of maracas in time to the joyous music. Don't we all.

The gameplay couldn't be much simpler, and nothing fundamental has been changed from the DC original (including the visuals; these remain as striking as they ever were, with the addition of Miis). In what amounts to a slight variation on the Dancing Stage gameplay, you have to shake the maracas (in this instance the Wii remote and nunchuk) in the appropriate direction at the right time. An amusing, brightly coloured animated scene plays out in the background and the screen is overlaid with six markers, telling you whether to shake up, down or in the middle as the blue dots hit them. As you might expect from a rhythm game, the objective is to get the timing right and build up your score multiplier, ending each song with the highest possible score and grade.

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Samba de Amigo

We give it a fair shake.

If you're still holding onto that pristine Dreamcast Samba de Amigo set with official maracas, now might be the time to load up eBay and cash it in. Amigo is returning, courtesy of SEGA and - of all people - Gearbox Software, and thanks to the Wiimote and nunchuk the bonkers old pose-matching maraca magic is as hilarious and exhausting as ever, with new moves and features that take advantage of the game's new home.

Samba summer, Condemned late March

SEGA adjusts release dates.

SEGA is currently targeting 28th March for the release of Condemned 2: Bloodshot on PS3 and 360, and has also updated dates for Samba de Amigo on Wii and others.

SEGA's Wii Showcase

Tennis, fishing, shooting, sombreros.

If there's one thing more boring than listening to people complain about the endless mini-game compilations churned out for the Wii, it's having to play the endless mini-game compilations churned out for the Wii. So three cheers for SEGA and the new titles it's bringing out for Nintendo's console, none of which are mini-game compilations.

Samba Wii confirmed again

Samba Wii confirmed again

SEGA says how it works.

It's been confirmed once already, but that hasn't stopped SEGA dancing a jig in our direction to "jazzle" us with news that Samba de Amigo is on its way to Wii.

Yesterday's announcement also brought with it word of how the new beat-matching game - a follow-up of sorts to the infamous Dreamcast original, which came with maraca peripherals - will work.

The answer is that - presumably in order to make it a bit cheaper and more accessible to the Wii's audience of casual millions - you will get to use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as maracas, shaking them to match prompts on-screen.

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Samba for Wii confirmed

Reports that Samba de Amigo is heading to Wii are apparently accurate. Hurrah!

Although SEGA Europe couldn't confirm anything when we spoke to them the other day, SEGA of America apparently could, telling 1UP that Gearbox Software is developing the game and that more details will be released soon.

Samba de Amigo, bit of a Dreamcast classic, is a rhythm-action game about shaking maracas and striking poses to match the prompts from a dancing monkey on-screen.

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Samba heading to Wii?

Official Nintendo mag says so.

SEGA has hidden its maracas and remained quiet over rumours that rhythm action game Samba de Amigo is heading to Wii.