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Samba de Amigo held back a week

The hips don't lie.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA has told Eurogamer that Samba de Amigo will release a week later than expected on 26th September.

This Wii update of the Dreamcast original made for a musical smile after our hands-on session earlier in the year. There may be no maraca peripherals, but the colourful rhythm-action game packed exactly the sort of friends-will-laugh punch we expected. And we do expect punch.

Excitingly, Samba de Amigo will also offer downloadable songs to shake along to post-launch. "Are You Going to Be My Girl" by Jet has been confirmed to appear, as has stuff by Lou Bega and Bow Wow Wow, the US rapper who shot to pre-pubescent fame a few years back.

The full list of both new and returning Samba de Amigo songs can be found elsewhere on Eurogamer.

Expect our thoughts on the game in timely fashion.

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