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Samba for Wii confirmed

Shake it!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Reports that Samba de Amigo is heading to Wii are apparently accurate. Hurrah!

Although SEGA Europe couldn't confirm anything when we spoke to them the other day, SEGA of America apparently could, telling 1UP that Gearbox Software is developing the game and that more details will be released soon.

Samba de Amigo, bit of a Dreamcast classic, is a rhythm-action game about shaking maracas and striking poses to match the prompts from a dancing monkey on-screen.

News of a Wii version first emerged after scans of official US magazine Nintendo Power showed said monkey prancing around the cover.

It's not the first time SEGA has used Wii to drag a cherished game kicking and dancing into a new era, of course, with NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams also on its way.

Look out for more on Samba for Wii as soon as SEGA says anything.

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