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February 2010 Archive

    1. Digital Foundry vs. Console Lag: Round Two
    1. Sony's new motion controller
    2. Dead or Alive: Paradise here in April
    3. 150,000's a Crowd
    4. DOA: Paradise goal was not soft porn
    5. Metroid: Other M
    6. Heavy Rain makes a splash in Japan
    7. FFI and II released on iPhone
    8. Just Cause 2 demo dated, detailed
    9. EVE Online developer opens UK studio
    10. Fable-branded condoms on the way?
    11. Bad Company 2 maps unlockable at launch
    12. PS3 owners reporting Heavy Rain issues
    13. Plants vs. Zombies breaks iPhone record
    14. New EA studio making a "ground-breaker"
    15. Kojima: PSP not main MGS platform
    16. GAME to shut down 43 shops in the UK
    17. Napoleon: Total War
    18. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    19. Tretton: PS3 has proved our 10-year point
    20. MAG receives "dramatic" update
    21. FFXIII uses much less space on 360
    22. Mass Effect 2 Hammerhead in late March
    23. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing
    1. God of War III demo on PSN Store
    2. New PAL Releases Roundup
    3. New WarioWare for DS/Wii in April
    4. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
    5. Euro Dragon Quest IX in summer
    6. Supreme Commander 2 demo on Steam
    7. New STO raids introduce the Borg
    8. Tech Interview: Metro 2033
    9. Mario Galaxy 2 gets European date
    10. App Store considering "explicit" option
    11. Crasher unveiled for PC
    12. Lost Planet 2 split-screen confirmed
    13. New Prince of Persia has co-op on Wii
    14. Dishwasher: Vampire Smile revealed
    15. Mac version of Steam on the way?
    16. GTA IV is most expensive game ever
    17. Return to Ostagar PS3 dated
    18. Yakuza 3 time constraints forced cuts
    19. No Wii successor "any time soon"
    20. There's much more to Milo, says Molyneux
    21. Alpha Protocol dated
    22. Blur to feature full Twitter integration
    23. US dates for Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid
    24. Xbox Indie Games Roundup
    1. Get Peggle Nights for free
    2. Split/Second renamed and dated
    3. Warner unveils Batman for Wii and DS
    4. White Knight Chronicles: International Edition
    5. Worms Reloaded price "very attractive"
    6. Just Cause 2 will not support Windows XP
    7. Team17 doing new Worms for Steam
    8. 3D Dot Game Heroes
    9. No Nazis or zombies for MW2
    10. Introversion opens up on Subversion
    11. Valve overhauls Steam user interface
    12. Latest Borderlands DLC on Live now
    13. Peace Walker was originally MGS5
    14. Army of Two campaign DLC in April
    15. Rocksteady to make more than Batman
    16. Borderlands Knoxx DLC delayed
    17. SFIV for Xbox Live GOD in Europe soon
    18. Miyamoto to receive BAFTA Fellowship
    19. Yakuza 3 has been edited for West
    20. Greenberg: "we'll outsell the PS3" in 2010
    21. Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid this summer
    22. God of War III needs no HDD install
    23. Perpetuum Online
    1. Apple defends App Store titillation purge
    2. Brown: UK games industry best in Europe
    3. Digimon MMO for Westerners in March
    4. iPhone Street Fighter IV costs $10
    5. Game Room here in late March
    6. Assassin's Creed II: Bonfire of the Vanities
    7. Super Meat Boy coming to XBLA
    8. Garriott to make Ultima-esque game
    9. Unreal Engine 4 needs lots of processors
    10. Natal "not quite there yet" - J. Ross
    11. PSP's biggest problem is piracy - Sony
    12. Visceral confirms XBLA, PSN projects
    13. Rebellion happy with AVP, in sequel talks
    14. BioShock 2 widescreen patch imminent
    15. Carmack receiving GDC Lifetime Award
    16. Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - Director's Cut
    1. Red Steel 2
    2. Trio for XBLA this Wednesday
    3. First BioShock 2 DLC announced
    4. Sony buys MotorStorm 3 domain
    5. Valkyria Chronicles DLC this week
    6. Nintendo patents rumble for handheld
    7. UK charts: AVP is the new leader
    8. Fallen Earth
    9. New PAL Releases Roundup
    10. Make Something Unreal winners unveiled
    11. No LAN or dedicated servers for C&C4
    12. Hacker claims new PS3 breakthrough
    13. Faliszek: Valve will "look at" PS3 support
    14. FFVII remake "unrealistic to happen"
    15. Uncharted 2 tops 3.5 million sales
    16. Bad Company 2 demo hits 3.5m downloads
    17. Remedy doesn't rule out Alan Wake PC
    18. Dragon Age: Origins - Return to Ostagar
    1. Metrospective: 4A Games vs. Digital Foundry
    1. Sony universal controller patent found
    2. Q working on PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap?
    3. Classic camera found in Resi 5 DLC
    4. Metro 2033: 4A Engine impresses
    5. Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mystery of the Concealing Flame
    6. New Phoenix, Monkey Island on WiiWare
    7. Downloading the Future
    8. DS family outsells rivals in Japan charts
    9. PC version of Clover dated
    10. Joy Ride still due out this year
    11. Uncharted 2 wins 10 AIAS Awards
    12. Rolando 3 won't appear until it's free
    13. Podcast #6
    14. GOWIII demo for everyone next week?
    15. Mario & Sonic Winter hits 6m sales
    16. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising
    17. Kotick regrets not courting Harmonix
    1. Civilization V announced for autumn
    2. Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll
    3. PSN Update: Yakuza 3 demo tops bill
    4. Capcom fighters half price on PSN
    5. Peggle and Peggle Nights on Euro PSN
    6. HMV to host Final Fantasy XIII launch
    7. Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares
    8. 4A Games dismisses Metro 2033 rumours
    9. ACII PC requires internet connection
    10. MotoGP 09/10 gets release date
    11. Lucas store sells Star Wars stuff in Home
    12. Leona Lewis gives verdict on FFXIII
    13. Disney exec calls PS3 wand Gem
    14. Jaffe: "Put commercial titles on XBLA"
    15. Garriott starting social media project
    16. Project Ten Dollar confirmed for BC2
    17. Jimi Hendrix Rock Band spin-off denied
    18. StarCraft II closed beta invites sent out
    19. Sony's "not-so-secret weapon" is PSN
    20. Remedy wants to do more with Alan Wake
    21. Alan Wake
    22. Remedy's Sam Lake
    1. Allods Online enters open beta
    2. EverQuest II expands with Sentinel's Fate
    3. FF Versus XIII might not make E3
    4. Ninety-Nine Nights II to get Euro release
    5. Indie MMO Love gets release date
    6. MH Tri Portable is "a rumour" - Capcom
    7. Cage: no more thrillers from me
    8. Heavy Rain's David Cage
    9. New Prince of Persia confirmed for May
    10. Oz lawman "at risk" from gamer mob
    11. Sony disses 360's first-party support
    12. Midway titles disappear from XBLA
    13. An Average Day
    14. No romance in Dragon Age expansion
    15. No more patches or DLC for Op Flash
    16. EA cans online support for more titles
    17. Nintendo renews Eternal Darkness mark
    18. SFIII fighters to appear in SSFIV
    19. New Vegas is "hundreds of hours" deep
    20. The Misadventures of P. B. Winterbottom
    21. New Assassin's DLC to arrive tomorrow
    22. Sonic Team not making Sonic 4
    1. Darksiders to get new playable demo
    2. Codemasters expanding Guildford studio
    3. Beautiful Katamari appears on Xbox Live
    4. Podcast #5
    5. PS3 motion controller will be at GDC
    6. Fragile Dreams coming to Wii next month
    7. Halo: Reach
    8. FFXIII DLC off the cards again
    9. Ex-Rockstar devs set up new studio
    10. Cage hints at motion control reveal
    11. PSN downtime planned for later today
    12. New Windows phones to link with Live
    13. Nine BAFTA nominations for Uncharted 2
    14. New PS3 PVR gets Japanese date
    15. Kitase "really interested" in FFVII remake
    16. Street Fighter IV coming to iPhone
    17. World Cup producer on tackling quitters
    18. Plants vs. Zombies
    19. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
    1. No pad support for BioShock 2 PC
    2. Platinum's Infinite Space RPG dated
    3. PopCap's John Vechey
    4. Konami reveals Euro MGO tourney
    5. UK charts: BioShock 2 unseats ME2
    6. Halo: Reach
    7. Square Enix admits FFXIII screen fakery
    8. Gas Powered's latest: Kings and Castles
    9. MTV wants Rock Band bonuses back
    10. MS won't release standalone 250GB 360
    11. Uncharted 2 to get new multiplayer DLC
    12. Yakuza 3
    13. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
    1. Heavy Rain demo on PSN Store today
    2. Tech Analysis: Mass Effect 2
    1. Minkley's Meat Ceiling to get "proper amount of attention"
    2. Final Fantasy XIII
    3. FFXIII Xbox 360 bundles revealed
    4. PopCap: iPad "will change gaming"
    5. PC version of Alan Wake officially binned
    6. Half-Minute Hero no longer out today
    7. Melty Blood: Actress Again
    8. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
    9. Fatal Frame IV: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
    10. Fable III
    11. Frogger Returns on WiiWare today
    12. New PAL Releases Roundup
    13. Last year was "best yet" for PS3 - Sony
    14. Halo 2 DLC issues resolved
    15. Win tickets to glitzy MW2 launch!
    16. Square "interested" in 3D Final Fantasy
    17. Deus Ex 3 session at GDC in March
    18. Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing in March
    19. BioShock 2 MP freezing, patch imminent
    20. NPD: ME2 helps 360 overcome PS3
    21. Get Games AVP pre-order deal
    22. Fable III has no experience, health bar
    1. Halo: Reach beta dated
    2. Dead Rising 2 date, 360 gets prologue
    3. XBL Game Room dated for March
    4. Fable III due out "this holiday"
    5. Alan Wake gets 21st May Euro date
    6. First proper LA Noire details appear
    7. Plain Sight due in March for $10
    8. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
    9. AVP pre-order goodies will be DLC
    10. Global Agenda
    11. Badman name change for Europe too
    12. No More Heroes 2 dated for April
    13. Activision: new COD won't beat MW2
    14. Disney turns away from high-end games
    15. Bad Company 2 getting launch DLC
    16. Blur multiplayer demo for March
    17. MS working to restore Xbox 1 DLC
    18. BioShock 2 PC widescreen and pad issues
    19. Singularity in June, Transformers soon
    20. EA's "Project Ten Dollar" explained
    21. Dead Space 2 PC "under consideration"
    22. Blizzard: 70% in WOW don't pass level 10
    23. Max and the Magic Marker
    1. More than 120 companies sign up for E3
    2. SEGA dates Resonance of Fate
    3. An Englishman in New Tokyo
    4. Red Dead Redemption UK retailer deals
    5. Bejeweled sales reach 50m worldwide
    6. BAFTA shortlist revealed for public vote
    7. 2K Games' PB Winterbottom dated
    8. SEGA inks Yakuza 3 special edition plans
    9. Zeno Clash XBLA dated for March
    10. 3D Dot Game Heroes gets release date
    11. Big Nintendo announcement on the way?
    12. US Army tried to buy 360 units, told no
    13. NIS America has to rename Badman
    14. PomPom's Alien Zombie Death dated
    15. Blizzard shows female Diablo III Monk
    16. Rockstar confirms LA Noire for autumn
    17. Dead Space 2 canned on PC?
    18. Halo Wars joins Xbox Live GOD line-up
    19. Forza 3 adds Nurburgring today
    20. Darwinia+
    1. New Ghost Recon also on PC and PS3
    2. Reminder: BioShock 2 out today
    3. ExciteBike: World Rally
    4. Q: PixelJunk Shooter 2 not a "re-hash"
    5. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier revealed
    6. Eurogamer iPhone app v3 live!
    7. New DLC for Empire: Total War out today
    8. Deus Ex 3 subtitled Human Revolution?
    9. Pirate told to pay Nintendo $1.5 million
    10. Podcast #2
    11. Podcast #3
    12. FFXIII devs confused by Wada comment
    13. Phoenix Wright 2 on Wii next Friday
    14. Gran Turismo series hits 55m sales
    15. 2010 FIFA World Cup
    16. Plants vs. Zombies iPhone dated
    17. Wii's Dead Space heading to PSN/XBLA?
    18. All EA games to feature online, DLC
    19. MOH in Q3, Crysis 2 and NFS in Q4
    20. EA: more Mass Effect for early 2011
    21. Miyamoto mentions new hardware
    22. EA narrows Dead Space 2 release date
    23. New Dragon Age in early 2011
    1. NFS: Shift adding Ferraris next week
    2. First Fallout: New Vegas details spill
    3. BioShock 2
    4. Podcast launches!
    5. SEGA All-Stars Racing demo on Live
    6. Third LEGO Star Wars game revealed
    7. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4
    8. "Big" Ubisoft announcement this week
    9. UK charts: Mass Effect 2 holds on to top
    10. BF: Bad Company 2 has WWII level
    11. Alpha Protocol now down for summer?
    12. You'll be "pissed off" by Fable III reveal
    13. Jordan Thomas: Console wars are "silly"
    14. LA Noire no longer a PS3 exclusive?
    15. Bungie giving Halo 2 "one last hoorah"
    16. BioWare explains two Sith in SWTOR
    17. Shepard is heterosexual "by choice"
    18. Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days
    1. ModNation Racers heading to PSP
    2. Special Edition
    1. Supreme Commander 2
    2. Splinter Cell: Conviction dated
    3. Tech Analysis: Final Fantasy XIII
    4. Visceral: Why 60FPS is "a must" for Dante's Inferno
    1. Perfect Dark XBLA showing at X10
    2. Star Trek Online
    3. Rebellion apologises for AVP demo issues
    4. Just Cause 2 demo "on its way"
    5. Dark Void DLC out next week
    6. Xbox Live ditching Xbox 1 support
    7. New PAL Releases Roundup
    8. Silent Hill composer joins Grasshopper
    9. EyePet sequel on the way this year?
    10. Halo Wars and Fable II now Classics
    11. Japan charts: new Dragon Quest at No. 1
    12. BioWare unable to address ME2 text issue
    13. BioShock Big Daddy celebrated in plush
    14. The Sims celebrates 10th birthday
    15. Star Trek live interview update
    16. The History of The Sims
    1. Metro 2033
    2. BBFC2, AVP demos on PSN Store today
    3. Vacation Isle: Beach Party for Wii
    4. Fallout: New Vegas bound for autumn
    5. ESRB regrets DOA: Paradise outburst
    6. Warhammer 40K MMO to be unveiled at E3
    7. Red Faction, Homefront before April 2011
    8. Register for massive MAG tournament
    9. More Saints Row, Darksiders in 2011
    10. SEGA doing new 2D Sonic game in HD
    11. Needlemouse cast reveal this week
    12. Sonic runs solo in Project Needlemouse
    13. Multiplayer Assassin's coming to iPhone
    14. SEGA announces Sonic the Hedgehog 4
    15. Team Fortress 2 gets Highlander mode
    16. More free Mass Effect 2 DLC very soon
    17. Arc is just a codename, says Sony
    18. Sony sold 6.5m PS3s last autumn
    19. Live Star Trek Online Q&A today!
    1. Dante's Inferno
    2. Chime
    3. MS cuts price of 120GB 360 drive
    4. High Voltage's gladiator Wii game dated
    5. AVP online MP demo out tomorrow
    6. Nier to get global release in April
    7. MW2 was world's best-seller in 2009
    8. Slow PS3 start was down to stock - Sony
    9. PopCap: iPad will "kickstart" creativity
    10. Cryptic selling playable races in STO
    11. Consoles are "playground" for predators
    12. Access WOW auction house on iPhone, web
    13. Dante's Inferno getting co-op, toolset
    14. Fans get NiGHTS into Sonic Racing
    15. Dante's dev to follow-up with Macbeth?
    16. Superstars V8 demo now on Xbox Live
    17. BioWare: PS3 refs in ME2 code erroneous
    18. Steam downtime planned later this week
    19. MOH: Airborne joins Xbox Live GOD
    20. Medal of Honor: Airborne
    21. Gran Turismo 5 "this fall" - Sony Europe
    22. Mass Effect 2 DLC Roundup
    1. Podcast #4
    2. PSP Minis discounted throughout Feb
    3. Tecmo Koei delays Quantum Theory
    4. Well-known EA IP going social in 2010
    5. Civilization Facebook beta for June
    6. Nintendo's Iwata dismisses Wii HD
    7. Miles Edgeworth demo out now
    8. Iwata to "show" Wii Zelda at E3
    9. Behemoth's next is BattleBlock Theater
    10. Xbox 360 getting 250GB HDD in Japan
    11. Dante's Super Bowl ad censored
    12. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat
    1. English Metro 2033 keeps Russian VO
    2. 530 Eco Shooter
    3. Monster Hunter Tri bundles Wii Speak
    4. Iwata: Zelda dev an "exercise in suffering"
    5. XBLA Keflings follow-up due this year
    6. LEGO Harry Potter in May
    7. Death by Cube
    8. UK chart: Mass Effect 2 takes lead
    9. Cobain would find GH5 funny, says Love
    10. Original AVP gains Steam multiplayer
    11. Game Room denied mature games
    12. OpFlash Overwatch pack released for PC
    13. Number of Steam accounts hits 25m
    14. Gears of War 2 Valentine's Day event
    15. Halo: Reach doesn't use Project Natal
    16. Kojima ashamed of Japanese MGS delay
    17. Dragon Age's Return to Ostagar returns!
    18. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars