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Blizzard shows female Diablo III Monk

Classy lady.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Blizzard has updated its website with a 3D image and concept art for the female version of the Monk class in Diablo III.

You can check her out over on the Monk character class page, and re-read Abd al-Hazir's recollections about his encounter with one of her male colleagues.

The Monk was originally unveiled at Blizzcon last year. As lead world designer Leonard Boyarsky explained to Eurogamer, "They're really religious holy men [and women!], they are raised from childhood in secluded monasteries where they are taught to be pure expressions of their deities through perfection of their fighting techniques.

"The guy who dedicates his whole life to fighting in the service of God is not a guy you want to see coming down the street for you," he noted.

Diablo III is due out in the "next few years" and not part of Blizzard's 2010 plans according to boss man Mike Morhaime, but we should expect to find out more about it - the fifth class, perhaps - at Blizzcon later this year.

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