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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Singularity in June, Transformers soon

Summer these could be good.

Raven Software's new time-bending shooter Singularity will be with us in June.

The date tumbled out of Activision boss Mike Griffith's gob during a post-earnings conference call with investors last night. Well, he said "May" and then a spokesperson for the publisher told Joystiq "June".

That "May" date, however, also applies to the new Transformers game subtitled War of the Cybertron.

This, you'll remember, is in no way linked with a Michael Bay money-splash Transformers film. Developer High Moon Studios will instead look to the old television series for inspiration, both in terms of plot and visual style.

Singularity you can read more about in our dusty preview from last year's E3.

Transformers you can see more of below.

Activision Optimus-tic about this?