A new Singularity title has been teased

UPDATE: Or maybe Raven is just reflecting upon its 25 year anniversary.

Activision shrinks Singularity dev Raven

Veteran studio to move to download market.

A new Singularity title has been teased

UPDATE: Or maybe Raven is just reflecting upon its 25 year anniversary.

Activision shrinks Singularity dev Raven

Veteran studio to move to download market.

Acti laments poor Blur, Singularity sales

Insists it marketed both appropriately.

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Unreal Engine 3 makes for a close conversion.

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Black hole fun.

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What would you do with time manipulation? Melt people, obviously.

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Time manipulation and a grain beverage.

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COD7, Bond Racing, MGS Rising, Fallout...

Singularity in June, Transformers soon

Summer these could be good.

Singularity delayed until 2010

Due to interest in Mod War 2, says Acti.

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Time-bending shooter from Raven.