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Blur multiplayer demo for March

PGR developer's new racer nearly done.

Activision's revealed a March multiplayer beta for Bizarre Creations' new driving game Blur.

Mike Griffith told Activision inquisitors as much last night during an earnings call, but offered no further details about when the testing will begin.

"In March, we planned to launch a multiplayer beta that will enable media and consumers to sample how fun the multiplayer experience is and we're very excited about this title and believe that it delivers a level of competition not seen before in a racing game," said Griffith.

Germany's age-rating board USK blew the whistle on the demo last month. Mind you, only an Xbox 360 sampler was mentioned and there's been no clarification on PC or PS3 offerings since then.

Blur was delayed earlier this year to an unspecified point in 2010. Griffith mentioned that Blur would be a second quarter (calendar) 2010 game, which means any time after April. And he's quite excited.

"The racing genre is large and we have a distinctive and compelling proposition. Blur blends the fun and power ups like those in Mario Kart with the realism core gamers appreciate with real cars and real locations. The result, the unique combination that beyond its single player mode redefines competitive online racing action in a way that genre has never experienced," he spewed.

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