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EverQuest II expands with Sentinel's Fate

Battlegrounds also added.

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Sony Online Entertainment has released the Sentinel's Fate expansion for its MMO EverQuest II.

It's available at retail now, although we wish you luck finding a copy outside of the US. Sentinel's Fate will be made available as a digital download from the EQII website next Tuesday, 23rd February.

Sentinel's Fate, the sixth expansion to the MMO, raises the game's level cap to 90 and includes two new zones and 12 new dungeons to explore. It also includes all the content from the five previous expansions, in case you missed any.

SOE also updated EverQuest II with Battlegrounds yesterday. A free update, open to all EQII players with a level 80-90 character, Battlegrounds provide the sort of cross-server competitive player-versus-player action familiar to World of Warcraft fans.

There are three gametypes: Capture the Flag on the Battlefield of Ganak for 12 players, Hold Territory on the Smuggler's Den map for 48 players, and Hold the Relic on the Gears of Klak'Anon map for 12 players.

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