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Fable-branded condoms on the way?

Lionhead asks for merch suggestions.

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Lionhead Studios is asking fans to come up with ideas for Fable III merchandise.

A post on the company's Facebook page reads, "With the release of Fable III imminent this year we've started thinking about different kinds of merchandise for the game. There are literally hundreds of things we can come up with; from mugs and t-shirts to an LCE or books, maybe even branded condoms."

That's right, you could well be putting a Fable-branded one on the end of it, as Jeremy Kyle would say.

If that doesn't appeal, why not make your own suggestion? You can do so over on Facebook or by taking part in Lionhead's special survey on the issue.

Fable III is down for release this Christmas. Visit the gamepage for those all-important DNA results.

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