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OpFlash Overwatch pack released for PC

PS3 version approved, waiting on release.

The PC version of the free Overwatch pack for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is now available for download as a 244MB patch from publisher Codemasters' website.

The content bundle was first released for Xbox 360 in December. According to Codies' community manager, it has also passed approval at Sony and should be available for PS3 shortly.

Overwatch introduces two new multiplayer modes and two new Fire Team Engagement (FTE) missions in addition to patching various bugs.

The multiplayer modes are called Blindside and Supremacy. Blindside sees one team fighting to complete three objectives against the clock while the other defends. Supremacy is about two teams trying to occupy five capture zones, which also offer benefits like gun emplacements and air strike capability, to earn points.

The FTEs are Friendly Skies and Hostile Takeover. The former sees local forces blocking US reinforcements with AA guns, which you have to take out before defending the area. The latter has you flushing enemies out of a village called Armudan and then establishing a perimeter.

See how it looks in the Overwatch trailer, or check out our console and PC reviews of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising for more on the game itself.