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Ninety-Nine Nights II to get Euro release

Konami signs crowd brawler, targets spring.

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Konami has announced that it will publish Xbox 360 action game Ninety-Nine Nights II in Europe this spring.

The sequel to Microsoft and Q Entertainment's 360 launch title was already confirmed for a Japanese release (also in spring) but this is the first news that it will be making its way West.

A fantasy "crowd melee" game in the Dynasty Warriors vein, Ninety-Nine Nights II pits the player against waves of hundreds of enemies at a time. You'll be able to combo through the masses and play through its story from five different perspectives - including humans, elves and goblins - and each race also has particular skills in battle.

The game also features two-player online co-op with online leaderboards. Check outnew screens and Tokyo Game Show trailer below to see Ninety-Nine Nights II in action.

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