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Ninety Nine Nights II in June in US

Konami looking at September for PALs.

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Update: Konami has told Eurogamer that it is looking at a European Ninety-Nine Nights II release in September.

Original story: Konami has announced a 29th June release for Ninety-Nine Nights II in the US.

North Americans can also try a demo for the hack-and-slash sequel.

Like Dynasty Warriors, Ninety-Nine Nights II pits one exaggerated fighter against a zombie-like horde. Over-the-top special moves and combo-counts rule the day, as do a melodromatic plot and skimpy battle wear.

Improvements in the sequel include co-op, both local and online.

We're checking with Konami about European plans.

The first Ninety-Nine Nights attracted loads of attention for being an Xbox 360 launch game. Those pretty graphics and screens full of baddies were very next-gen. Head over to our Ninety-Nine Nights review from 2006 to find out more.

Pretty graphics and a screen full of baddies seemed to foretell what a machine what Xbox 360 was capable of.

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