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Ninety-Nine Nights 2 in Japan this year

Xbox 360 exclusive's still alive.

Q Entertainment has said that Xbox 360 exclusive Ninety-Nine Nights 2 will be released in Japan before the end of the year.

The hackandslash sequel is now around 50 per cent complete, according to Famitsu magazine (read by 1UP). Details are still scare, although we know that Microsoft Games Studios' Japanese outfit Feelplus will develop, and presumably follow the same formula as before.

That involved hordes of dark-fantasy goblin baddies being mowed down by the outrageous attacks of heroes wrapped in revealing costumes, brandishing serious magical firepower. It's a bit like Dynasty Warriors but with more fantasy.

We hope publisher Microsoft reveals more about NNN2 at E3 this summer.

Ninety-Nine Nights led a second wave of Xbox 360 releases in late 2006, and turned out to be good but not great. Head over to our Ninety-Nine Nights review to find out more.

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Ninety-Nine Nights

Xbox 360

Ninety-Nine Nights 2

Xbox 360

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