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Konami signs Ninety-Nine Nights 2?

MS: "yes", Konami: "no comment".

Microsoft has announced Konami as the publisher of Xbox 360 exclusive Ninety-Nine Nights 2.

The deed was done at Tokyo's Xbox 360 Media Briefing 2009, which finished just hours ago. Konami's European arm, however, had "no comment" to make about the news.

Ninety-Nine Nights 2 was announced - as most things are - by Japanese magazine Famitsu, and is reckoned to be arriving there before the end of the year.

So far, all we know is Mizuguchi's Q Entertainment is involved, although the bulk of development will be handled by Feelplus, Microsoft Game Studios' Japanese outfit.

The original Ninety-Nine Nights was a launch title for Xbox 360, and offered a Dynasty Warriors-like romp where super-powered heroes smashed through hordes of baddies to boost combo scores and unleash devastating powers.

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