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Greenberg: "we'll outsell the PS3" in 2010

Plus: MS will be "thoughtful" with Natal.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft bigwig Aaron Greenberg has predicted that Xbox 360 will outperform PlayStation 3 in 2010.

"We believe we'll outsell the PS3 for the full year," he told Destructoid. "We did in 2009."

"We never underestimate the competition. We know they have a lot of great games. They're very formidable. They have great history in this industry," he added.

"But we believe if you are a gamer and you want great games, we have more titles, more exclusives, we have the leading online community, and being able to bring really completely innovative technology like Project Natal to market this holiday, are all things that make us unique."

Speaking of Natal, Greenberg said that Microsoft would resist the urge to flood shops with mini-game compilations and other tat simply to get the exotic-sounding controller-free sensor rig off and running.

"This new category of controller-free games and entertainment is going to bring all types of new experiences that have never existed before," he claimed.

"We want your first impression to be a great one, so we're not just going to dump products because we can, we're going to be very thoughtful about what we bring to market."

Earlier this week British comedian Jonathan Ross tweeted that Natal was "not quite there yet", although Eurogamer understands his impressions were based on the same pre-release setup Digital Foundry ripped to pieces last summer.

Updated Natal presentations with retail game demos aren't expected until later in the year, with our money on E3 in June. Natal itself launches this Christmas.

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