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FFXIII Xbox 360 bundles revealed

Engraved hard drives! Avatar bits!

Final Fantasy XIII is coming to Europe on Xbox 360 as well, and to make sure you remember, Square Enix and Microsoft have teamed up to do two special console bundles.

The Special Edition bundle has a 250GB hard drive engraved with the Final Fantasy XIII name - oh my GOD! - as well as two wireless pads, downloadable Avatar items (Rosch outfit, Nabaat outfit, Chocobo pet) and a copy of the FFXIII game.

If you pre-order the Special Edition bundle you'll get a fancy faceplate created by Tetsuya Nomura - the man who dreamt up most of the characters in Final Fantasy.

The more rubbish Elite Bundle has a 120GB hard drive, one wireless pad and a copy of the game.

Both bundles also contain an Xbox 360 machine.

Final Fantasy XIII is due out in Europe on 9th March. That's a Tuesday, by the way.

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