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Dead Space 2 PC "under consideration"

Visceral focusing on PS3/360 for now.

Dead Space 2 may not be as dead in the water as reported.

"Visceral Studios is dedicated to delivering an outstanding Dead Space sequel for the Xbox 360 and PS3," an EA spokesperson told Eurogamer yesterday, adding, "A PC SKU is under consideration. Nothing additional at this time."

Earlier this week EA neglected to tick the PC box next to Dead Space 2 on its release schedule for investors, despite having originally announced the game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

An EA rep subsequently said that a PC version was "not in the plan", but by the sound of it they haven't made their minds up.

Dead Space 2 puts players back in control of Isaac Clarke following his escape from the Event Horizon I mean Ishimura. This time he's on a space station called the Sprawl.

In addition to a big old single-player campaign, we're told to expect multiplayer - and by the sound of it that will be true for all EA games from now on.