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Heavy Rain! Star Trek! Aliens vs. Sexual Predator!

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It's Tuesday at 3pm, which can only mean one thing: it's time for another extraordinary instalment of the Podcast, hosted by Tom Champion.

Guests this week include editor Tom Bramwell, deputy Ellie Gibson and MMO editor Oli Welsh. The dream team! No offence to previous guests!

You can download the Podcast as an MP3, stream it below or grab it through iTunes. Here's an RSS link, too:

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This week on the podcast Brammers discusses Heavy Rain ahead of his review going up on Wednesday at 5pm. Find out whether it's just a bunch of QTEs or not!

Meanwhile, Oli Welsh talks some more about Star Trek Online, and pays tribute to the Eurogamer Star Alliance, the friendliest bunch of Trekkers we've ever known. Brammers also reveals a startlingly in-depth knowledge of Star Trek film trivia, much to the disgust of his colleagues.

We also return to the headlines of the week in the News section, including our response to your response to the AVP demo, and commentary on Xbox Live being allegedly full of sexual predators. (You know it makes sense when even we signpost it as "probably a bad idea" in the running order.)

Plus there's another instalment of Forum Affairs with newly appointed Forum Minister Tom Champion, your questions about how to get a job as a games journalist are answered, and there's another of our boring giveaways.

We'd also like to point out that the bit where Ellie laughs and it sounds like someone's just punched her is misleading. We only punch her when nobody's recording.

Background reading!

The Podcast is published at 3pm GMT every Tuesday. Join us next week for more spoiler-free gaming discussion hopefully including our thoughts on X10 in San Francisco and stories of intense shame from the PlayStation 3 party this week.

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