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Consoles are "playground" for predators

Newspaper warns of the potential dangers.

South Florida news outlet SunSentinel believes online gaming on PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 has become "a sexual predator's playground".

The website blamed "interactive games" that allow "kids" to talk to people from around the world.

The problem is that adults often pretend to be kids! And they are "luring children through headsets and private messages" like evil magicians!

SunSentinel heard from Erica McWhorter, a woman (of unspecified age) who was sent private messages by one "Romantic Devil" on Xbox Live.

"It was very scary. He said, 'Are you [a] girl? How old are you? Do you have a web cam?'" He then asked if she wanted to see his "private parts".

She must have said no because she quickly reported him to Microsoft and contact between the pair was blocked. "But it made McWhorter realize [sic] just how dangerous XBOX could be for a child," the SunSentinel added. pair.

Jefferson County investigator Mike Harris knows what's going on. "Sex offenders will go anywhere kids go," he reasoned.

"Children don't always tell their parents because their afraid they will take the game away instead of trying to solve the problem."

The SunSentinel encouraged parents to report any "suspicious" conduct to local law enforcement. "That's because there are ways to track down criminals through cyberspace," the report ended.