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Jaffe: "Put commercial titles on XBLA"

"For the love of f***ing god."

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Eat, Sleep, Play boss and God of War veteran David Jaffe has implored publishers to start putting proper games on digital download services.

"For the love of f***ing god, put some commercial titles on XBLA," Jaffe told an audience at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas this week (thanks

"EA's the first company to really go out there and say 'Hey, we're speaking to our console consumer...' Let's think a little bit more about what the consumer wants."

And how - Battlefield 1943, released last summer on PSN and XBLA, received rave reviews and sold by the electronic truckload.

Jaffe admitted there's a danger of stuff slipping out of view with too much content vying for people's attention, but he said that's no different to how games have to fight for space in shops, "or when you go to buy a car".

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