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Lucas store sells Star Wars stuff in Home

Costumes, T-shirts, lightsabers.

LucasArts is to open a store in PlayStation Home's mall, selling costumes and trinkets relating to the worlds of Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Kotaku has pics: there are Storm Trooper outfits, Indiana Jones outfits, an Imperial officer's uniform, lightsabers and T-shirts. Apparently you'll also be able to buy accessories for your personal space.

We're not entirely sure if the LucasArts store is coming to the European version Home, since it's mentioned in the US PlayStation Blog post on future Home updates but not in the European blog's equivalent.

There are other updates definitely coming to both sides of the Altantic, mind, including the MotorStorm Carrier, a social space on a decommissioned aircraft carrier, and rather lovely personal and game spaces devoted to LocoRoco.

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