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EVE Online developer opens UK studio

For "current and future" console games.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EVE Online developer CCP has told that it has opened a new studio in Newcastle in the UK.

The Icelandic company is currently recruiting for a number of positions in nearby Gateshead, with some engineer roles specifically looking for console experience. The outfit will work on "current and future" console projects, according to CCP.

CCP is working on its first console project, EVE spin-off DUST 514, a first-person multiplayer shooter that will plug in to EVE's single online universe. Players will be able to interact with players of the PC game. Most DUST 514 development work is being undertaken in CCP's Shanghai office.

CCP is initially targeting a team of between 10 and 20 staff for the Gateshead studio, which will work closely with the Icelandic and Chinese arms of the developer. The studio is being formed around a handful of staff from Midway's Newcastle team, which worked on The Wheelman and canned project Necessary Force.

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