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Cage hints at motion control reveal

Heavy Rain creator has plans for Arc?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Heavy Rain's creator David Cage has said that he may have an announcement to make about the PS3's motion controller soon.

"I have a lot of interest in Sony's motion device and there is a good chance that we announce something about it in the coming weeks," Cage told Norwegian site Dagbladet, according to MTV Multiplayer.

Could he be considering adding support for the motion controller, which may or may not be called Arc, to Heavy Rain when the controller is released towards the end of this year? Will it factor in the Heavy Rain: Chronicles downloadable content? Or is Cage talking about his studio Quantic Dream's next project?

Cage pointed out that he initially considered a motion control scheme for Heavy Rain and although it wasn't feasible, "all the controls of the final version of Heavy Rain are still based on motion".

Eurogamer had an actual fireside chat with the outspoken French writer-director yesterday, so come back soon for his thoughts on this topic and many others. Heavy Rain is released next Friday, 25th February - and it's "unlike anything else you will play this year".

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