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An Average Day

Creating the tools that power progress.

How Eurogamer looked to me after I ate those five-year-old fish fingers I found at the back of my freezer.

When not breaking the site, Eurogamer's developers are often asked to create tools to help their colleagues do their tedious jobs more efficiently. In this capacity we have put together bug trackers, sales trackers, webserver log analysers, video encoding pipelines and tea rota timesheets.

While working on a little tool to help out the sales team, I had call to automate the capture of screenshots of various pages on all of the sites in the Eurogamer Network. I was left with a lot of screenshots (about 120 per run) and it seemed a waste not to do something creative with them. So please find my first attempt on the left there: it's an average of all of the main pages of the entire Eurogamer network, at about 6pm.

To be honest, I thought it might be a little bit more interesting, so if anybody has some better ideas, I'll be reading the comments.

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