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Iwata to "show" Wii Zelda at E3

Plus: new Pokemon, Wii RPG this year.

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Nintendo's Satoru Iwata has promised to finally reveal the new Zelda game this summer.

Iwata, straight to the point, told investors during Friday's financial briefing that, "We will show the new Zelda title for Wii at E3 this year." He added that the Wii Vitality Sensor and games for it will also be announced at the show.

He also revealed a few new titles heading to Japan this year on Wii and DS.

Top of the bill is a new DS Pokemon game - the first in four years. Iwata gave this no name but said there will be "various unprecedented experiences" within.

There's also a new "full-scale RPG" on the way to Wii called Xenoblade. This will be developed by Monolith Software and Tetsuya Takahashi. You may have known this project as Monado: Beginning of the World. Metroid: Other M will be released this summer on Wii in Japan, and Mistwalker's Last Story and Super Mario Galaxy 2 will appear later in the year.

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