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The Legend of Zelda turns 35 years old

Link to the past.

Nintendo's beloved adventure series The Legend of Zelda has turned 35 years old.

Fans around the world celebrated the anniversary online this weekend, though Nintendo itself has remained silent.

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The original Zelda game - The Legend of Zelda - first launched for the NES on 21st February 1986 in Japan.

Other series standouts include Link's Awakening in 1993 for Game Boy, Ocarina of Time for N64 in 1998, and The Wind Waker in 2002 for GameCube.

Breath of the Wild, the series' most recent all-new release, arrived alongside Nintendo Switch in 2017.

So, why hasn't Nintendo marked the anniversary on its social media? Well, despite recently announcing an HD port of Wii entry Skyward Sword, the company is yet to properly detail its plans for Zelda's 35th anniversary year. In Nintendo land, we're technically still celebrating Mario's 35th (which was last year) until the end of March. Here's hoping Nintendo realises it is Link and Zelda's birthday after that.

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