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Legend of Zelda fan jailed for carrying six-inch Master Sword in public

Point venture.

Link gets the Master Sword in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
Image credit: Nintendo

A Legend of Zelda fan has been sentenced to four months in prison, after being found in possession of a small replica of the series' Master Sword whilst out in public.

In June, Nuneaton resident Anthony Bray was arrested for "carrying a bladed article". CCTV operators noticed Bray with the Master Sword replica, which had a total blade length of six inches (see images below).

"The blade was inside a sheath and could be released from the sheath with the press of a button," reads the police press release.

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When questioned, Bray said the Master Sword replica was purchased online as a fidget toy. Officers explained that despite this being the intended purpose, the blade "was in fact a sharply pointed item which could be used as a weapon and might put others in fear of it being used against them".

Bray maintained he would not have used the Legend of Zelda sword replica as an actual weapon. Bray did, however, acknowledge it could have been perceived as threatening.

Anthony Bray and his replica Master Sword
Image credit: Warwickshire Police

"We take a zero tolerance to bladed articles in public, and Bray has fallen afoul of this," said Sgt Spellman of the Patrol Investigations Unit. "It is possible to find fidget toys that aren't six-inch blades. It is possible not to walk down the street holding them out in front of you.

"With a bit more self-awareness, Bray could have avoided contact with us completely."

Bray is now required to pay a victims' surcharge of £154 in addition to serving the aforementioned prison sentence.

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