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New PS3 PVR gets Japanese date

Torne to hit Tokyo shops next month.

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Sony has announced a Japanese release date for Torne, the new PS3-compatible digital video recorder.

Torne is a bit like PlayTV, the Hrecorder released in Europe back in 2008. Once hooked up to the PS3 with a USB cable, it allows the user to view a programme guide and search for shows via genre or keyword.

You can also pre-programme the unit to record at certain times and it will do so regardless of whether the console is on standby, or being used to play a game or watch a film. Torne can record to either the PS3's internal hard drive or an external device.

Torne will launch in Japan on 18th March, priced at ¥9980 (£70) or as part of a 250GB PS3 bundle for ¥42,800 (£300).

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