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Dragon Age's Return to Ostagar returns!

DLC finally released on PC and Xbox 360.

BioWare has finally released the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the Return to Ostagar downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins.

The PC version is available from the developer's website for 400 BioWare Points (around $5), while the Xbox 360 release is 400 Microsoft Points (£3.40 / €4.80). The PS3 version is still "pending".

Return to Ostagar was originally due out at the start of January, and returns players to the scene of King Cailin's dramatic downfall in search of closure (and loot).

Unfortunately though it was delayed following the release of a troubled patch for the Xbox 360 version, which introduced some bugs and encouraged BioWare to update its test procedures to try and avoid a repeat.

According to a post on the official forum by the developers, a new patch to coincide with the return of the Return DLC will also solve problems surrounding achievement unlocks, among other things.

All of which leaves the way happily open (probably) for the release of Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening in the middle of March.