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Let's get evil in Dragon Age: Inquisition

A villain is born.

As Emma's Adventures takes a short break, Bertie embarks on an experimental new adventure of his own. This adventure is exclusive to supporters of Eurogamer. Remember, you can still try a month for free but the redemption period ends very soon, on Tuesday, 1st August.

Do you know what bothers me? Being good. Games expect it of us. They assume we want to save the world and want to help people out of the goodness of our hearts. And sometimes, I don't. Sometimes, I want to be the villain in the world. Sometimes, I want to be bad.

This corrupted seed was sown by Dragon Age: Origins many moons ago. I didn't set out to be evil in the game, I set out to be how I always am in BioWare games - a hero, a saviour, a force for good in the world. But then I accidentally got into an argument with a potential companion and killed her, and then I accidentally-on-purpose traded a small boy's life with a demon in return for Blood Magic. I'm sure any of you would have done the same.

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