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We're letting you try a month of being a Eurogamer Supporter for free

This trial has now ended.

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UPDATE 1ST AUGUST: This free trial has now ended.

UPDATE 31ST JULY: Toot toot! Today is the last day you can redeem the free month of being a Eurogamer supporter. All the details you need about how to do it are below.

UPDATE 26TH JULY: This is a Bertie public service announcement, informing you that you have until this coming Tuesday, 1st August, to redeem your free month of being a Eurogamer supporter. Instructions on how to do it are below, but in summary, it works like a discount or voucher code.

For those of you who have redeemed already, I hope you've been enjoying your month. We kicked off with Emma's fantastic, two-part Valheim estate agent adventure, had a brand new episode of the Inside Eurogamer podcast - in which we heard from new deputy editor Chris Tapsell, and talked about our obsession with puns - plus we had some Five of the Bests and Game of the Weeks along the way.

And there's still more to come! There are this week's Five of the Best and Game of the Week, plus, I'm busy writing an adventure for the end of the week while Emma takes a break. It's the excuse I've been looking for to unleash a side of myself I keep locked up day to day, and I am loving it. Also, I'm preparing a key giveaway for next week that yearly supporters can to take advantage of, for a game I'm very fond of - and a game that's perfect for cooling off this summer.

ORIGINAL STORY 29TH JUNE: I've got good news! We're letting everyone have a month of being a Eurogamer Supporter for free. Think of it as a free trial, if you like. And it can start today, if you want it to.

We're doing it because we want to show off what we offer. We want you to experience the site without adverts and all that peaceful white space you'll suddenly see. We want you to read Emma's memorable adventures she writes each month for supporters (and there's a new one arriving today). We want you to get involved in the weekly discussions around Five of the Best, and to snuggle up for Donlan's weekly thoughts in Game of the Week, which are usually about much more than the game of the week itself.

You'll also be able to listen to the Inside Eurogamer podcast, which is a new monthly show for subs. There have only been a couple of episodes but the first one - the one where we hear from new editor-in-chief Tom Phillips about his vision for Eurogamer going forward, and about why we moved to a five-star rating system - will probably be of interest to you.

You'll even be able to dive into the pool of Off-Topic pieces we wrote for a former incarnation of the Supporter Programme. Want to know more about Coolio's cooking recipes? Of course you do! Want to hear me share some wisdom from the wings of a theatre? Naturally! It's an eclectic list, I warn you.

But how do I redeem my free trial, Bertie?

Redeeming your free month is easy. All you need to do is sign into your Eurogamer account (or create one - it's also known as your ReedPop ID), then head to the supporters sign-up page and follow the signposts to become a monthly supporter. Then, when it takes you to the payment page, select the "Add promotion code" box and pop the following code in: Eurogamer1.

Repeat: "Eurogamer1" is the code you need.

Doing so will squash the "total due today" to zero, then all you have to do is fill out the rest of the form and you'll be good to go. Note: you will have to pop some payment details in because the form won't submit without them, but you can turn off auto-renew by cancelling any time before the month is up and still receive your benefits for the rest of the month. To do this, go to your account, find the Subscriptions tab, then on your Eurogamer sub, select the "Manage (via Stripe)" box at the end of the line. This will take you through to another page where you'll see a big, obvious "Cancel plan" button. Hit that and hey presto, auto-renew will be turned off.

The offer expires 1st August, which means you can use the code any time between now and then to get your free supporter month.

That's all there is to it. As always, if you have any questions about any of this, pop them in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy your free month of being a Supporter. And for those of you who already support us, thank you once again - you've enabled us to do so many things we wouldn't have otherwise.

And remember, there's lots still to come as we finish June and head into July. There's Emma's new adventure, which took such an unexpected turn that we've broken it out into two parts - with the first part available later today, and the second part available on Sunday. I've also got a key giveaway lined up for yearly supporters in July, for a game I'm very fond of, plus a few other things it's too early to talk about. All that plus the recurring Five of the Best, Game of the Week and Inside Eurogamer series.

And don't forget our Eurogamer Discord; come join us for a chat!

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