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BioShock 2 MP freezing, patch imminent

Plus: still life in Rapture, says Thomas.

2K Games has acknowledged that BioShock 2 multiplayer is freezing up for a few people and promised to look into it.

"We are aware that some users are experiencing an issue that could cause the game to freeze during the multiplayer component," a spokesperson told Joystiq.

Eurogamer actually experienced this while working on our 8/10 review, losing a good bit of unrecorded XP, but as it only happened once we dismissed it as a blip. Doh.

"We are in direct contact with our first-party partners and are working around the clock in order to provide a fix as soon as possible," the spokesperson added.

In brighter news for the world of BioShock, 2K Marin's creative director Jordan Thomas reckons there's more mileage in Rapture despite the developers having told "two very long, healthy stories in it". It's still "fertile", he told MTV.

"I would not presume to say, 'Here is what happens next.' The needs of a [BioShock] timeline extension are wrapped around whatever creative endeavour demands it."

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