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Dante's dev to follow-up with Macbeth?

Visceral exec inspired by Shakespeare.

Visceral Games, the studio behind Dante's Inferno, may take inspiration from another literary classic for its next project.

"Macbeth the game is something I've been thinking about for years," executive producer Jonathan Knight told Industry Gamers. "Now, I think the emotional quality that games are achieving and the value level of the acting and the sound work makes it possible.

"The thing is, the unique quality of games is being interactive; it's about action and killing things and pursuing those mechanics is tricky when bringing in classic media; Dante's is more of a violent interpretation of the poem, for example," Knight continued.

"Macbeth would be great, though; there are witches and a supernatural experience along with plenty of intrigue and murder."

Knight isn't the first person to suggest a game based on Shakespeare's play could be good. Back in December designer Marc Ecko said he had the same idea, and that his Macbeth game would put the emphasis on "cutting people's heads off". Ecko's project never got off the ground, however.

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