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Blur to feature full Twitter integration

Beta testers will get to try it out first.

Bizarre Creations has announced that forthcoming racer Blur will let you show off via Twitter from within the game.

"Here's how it works," explained communications manager Ben Ward. "When playing the game, you can hit the Left Bumper at (almost) any time, and "Share" details of your profile to Twitter. This could be info on who you've just beaten in a race, which rank you've reached in the leaderboards, how many events you've completed, and a whole bunch more."

Ward's even done a sample Tweet so you can see the feature in action.

A multiplayer beta test of Blur is set to begin "in the next few weeks", and Ward confirmed the Twitter feature will be incorporated so playtesters can give it a go.

Blur is in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. A release date has yet to be announced but it's looking like the game will arrive some time after April, according to a recent earnings call.

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