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Cobain would find GH5 funny, says Love

But she's not done with "sleazy" Activision.

Widower Courtney Love's changed her tune; she now reckons her late husband Kurt Cobain would have been okay with his digital likeness singing other people's pop songs in Guitar Hero 5.

"What pisses me off the most about it is I think Kurt would be fine with having five Kurt Cobains singing the (Spice Girls) song Wannabe, like, 'Tell me what you want, what you really really want,'" Love told NME magazine, reported by Contact Music (via Kotaku). "I think he'd find that really funny."

Love burst into the papers last September, furious at Activision's use of the Kurt Cobain avatar in Guitar Hero 5. The dead musician wasn't restricted to Nirvana songs, meaning he could be used to front and mime any song in the game. Love said she'd "sue the s***" out of Activision then, and today she's just as hungry for blood.

"But at the same time it's gross what they did. Gwen [Stefani - suing Activsion for how No Doubt appears in Band Hero] started the lawsuit. I have really good lawyers now and will join that lawsuit," Love added.