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Music games are "crap", says Bunnyman

Hopes players get "electrocuted".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Echo & the Bunnymen lead singer Ian McCulloch has dismissed music games as "crap" - and wished instant death on everyone who plays them.

McCulloch, who admits to not owning a computer and recording his demos on cassette, was speaking to occasional Eurogamer contributor Steve Hill during an interview for Esquire.

Asked if he was aware of games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, he claimed to have once seen somebody trying to play one. The opinionated McCulloch - famously dubbed Mac The Mouth - then offered to sum up the phenomenon in one sentence.

Goaded by Hill, the singer replied: "I hope they all get electrocuted, because they shouldn’t be playing with that crap."

McCulloch was taking part in the interview to promote the Bunnymen's forthcoming new album, The Fountain. It seems unlikely that tracks from it will be available as downloadable content for music games. You can read the full article over on Esquire.

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