Guitar Hero: Aerosmith


Music games are "crap", says Bunnyman

Hopes players get "electrocuted".

White Stripes man slags off music games

Led Zeppelin not big fans either.

Prince turned down Guitar Hero deal

Wants kids to learn to play the real thing.

Music games are "crap", says Bunnyman

Hopes players get "electrocuted".

White Stripes man slags off music games

Led Zeppelin not big fans either.

Prince turned down Guitar Hero deal

Wants kids to learn to play the real thing.

Guitar Hero outsells Rock Band in US

But gap narrows as music games decline.

Nickelback singer slams Guitar Hero

Tells "kids" to pick up a real instrument.

Digital Foundry | Xbox 360 vs PS3 Face-Off: Round 14

SoulCalibur IV, Mercs 2, Kung Fu Panda, Beijing, GH Aerosmith, FaceBreaker, Hulk, EA Sports roundup.

Guitar Hero outselling Rock Band 6 to 1

So says man who sells Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero: Hendrix on the way

Slash suggests so in interview.

Loads more Guitar Hero games by 2010

Loads more money for bands involved, too.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith demo on Live

Four-song taster on offer.

Activision Blizzard to rival iTunes

With new Guitar Hero-led online store.

Rock bands in talks to do music games

GNR! Eagles! The Halen! But not Led Zep.

UK charts: Smash Bros. is smash hit

Muscles way to No. 1. Full top 40 inside.

Full Guitar Hero: Aerosmith tracklisting

The Clash, The Cult, Run D.M.C., more.

Rock star slags off Guitar Hero

Nothing like the real thing, says Mayer.

Activision: Guitar Hero 4 this "holiday"

Will make a "significant leap forward".

Aerosmith exclusive to Guitar Hero

Rock Band DLC unlikely.

New peripherals for Guitar Hero

"A lot of other instruments, vocals."

More bands to feature in GH: Aerosmith

Kinks, Kravitz, White Stripes etc.

Beatles version of Guitar Hero coming?

Sony Music in talks, sounding keen.

Gibson launches Guitar Hero lawsuit

Claims patents have been infringed.

Aerosmith gets own Guitar Hero game

Band seeking new audience.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Him what made Liv Tyler.