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New peripherals for Guitar Hero

"A lot of other instruments, vocals."

Activision boss Bobby Kotick has said future instalments of Guitar Hero will have new instruments.

"It's not just about guitars," Kotick told Conde Nast Portfolio. "We'll include a lot of other instruments, vocals."

Exact details were scarce, although it seems to add weight to rumours that a drumkit and microphone will feature in the next Guitar Hero instalment - making it identical to rival Rock Band.

Kotick also revealed that you will be able to strum along with local bands from your area, noting that this was the first Activision game to be able to alter its content for different regional markets.

He also discussed the benefits of the merger with Vivendi, noting the benefits of being able to access the Universal Music Group's library of songs.

Kotick talked about the wide appeal of the game, too.

"The artist's relevance and importance to 17-year olds change in a way that you could never get in any other medium," he said.

"Forty per cent of [Guitar Hero] users are women. The age appeal is something we've never seen before: seven year-olds who have no idea who Aerosmith are are playing the band's music on Guitar Hero. So are 45-year olds who spent a good portion of their lives following the band around."

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is due out in June.

Pop over to our Guitar Hero: Aerosmith gamepage to find out more.

Fact is a riff that GamesIndustry.biz mastered many years ago.

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