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Aerosmith exclusive to Guitar Hero

Rock Band DLC unlikely.

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Activision has not only secured Aerosmith for its upcoming Guitar Hero game about the band, but has done a deal to stop Tyler, Perry and co. providing content to rival music game Rock Band.

"I can say that we do have the band exclusively, and their catalogue should be exclusive to us beyond the one or two tracks they had licensed out to Rock Band before we made our deal," Activision's music affairs veepee Tim Riley told Newsweek after the in-house Level Up blog harassed them for details.

The band's "Train Kept A-Rollin'" shipped with the full Rock Band game (not a master recording), but MTV has yet to release any downloadable Aerosmith stuff, and it sounds like it will stay that way.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is currently down for release on PS3, 360, Wii and PS2 in June, and will allow you to play as the band's line-up of guitarists, following the story of the band, and playing through not just their own songs but some of the ones that inspired them.

For more details and some amusing quotes from Steve Tyler, in particular ("Not only is songwriting a bitch, but then it goes and has puppies"), check out the Guitar Hero: Aerosmith announcement story and the screenshot we've seen.

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