Guitar Hero II


Music games are "crap", says Bunnyman

Hopes players get "electrocuted".

White Stripes man slags off music games

Led Zeppelin not big fans either.

Prince turned down Guitar Hero deal

Wants kids to learn to play the real thing.

Guitar Hero outsells Rock Band in US

But gap narrows as music games decline.

Nickelback singer slams Guitar Hero

Tells "kids" to pick up a real instrument.

Guitar Hero outselling Rock Band 6 to 1

So says man who sells Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero: Hendrix on the way

Slash suggests so in interview.

Activision Blizzard to rival iTunes

With new Guitar Hero-led online store.

Rock bands in talks to do music games

GNR! Eagles! The Halen! But not Led Zep.

Rock star slags off Guitar Hero

Nothing like the real thing, says Mayer.

Beatles version of Guitar Hero coming?

Sony Music in talks, sounding keen.

Gibson launches Guitar Hero lawsuit

Claims patents have been infringed.

Be a Guitar Hero record breaker

Guinness needs your help.

DS and Wii outstrip US competition

But Microsoft claims income victory.

Guitar Hero II solus for Xbox 360

Buy it without guitar this month.

New songs for Guitar Hero II

Activision flashes indie talent.

Three more songs for GHII 360

More from the PS2 original.

More Guitar Hero content soon

Expect something next month.

Harmonix funds fansite

Donates two-large.

Guitar Hero II song packs

Up on Marketplace now.

Review | Guitar Hero II

God gave rock and roll to you.

Celebrity Guitar Hero controllers

Selling for charity now on eBay.

Effects pedal for Guitar Hero?

Port found on 360 controller.

UK date for Guitar Hero on X360

Following US announcement.

Feature | Anyone can play Guitar Hero

Dusty Welch talks future plans, demos and more.

Guitar Hero 360 DLC hints

Songs from Guitar Hero 1.

Guitar Hero II bonus songs

Exclusive 360 content.

Review | Guitar Hero 2

Rock 'n' Roll (part 2).

Guitar Hero II

It's customary to try to be loudest during practice.

MTV acquires Harmonix

You're my wife now!

Foos and Rage in Guitar Hero II

More big bands onboard.

Fuller Guitar Hero II songlist

23 on it now, inc. Spinal Tap.

Huge songs for Guitar Hero II

Freebird and Sweet Child o' Mine.

Guitar Hero II dated in Europe

It'll be here in November too.

Try Guitar Hero II at EIEF

Tickets available free.

More GHII tracks confirmed

Guitar Heroes listen up.

Guitar Hero to go online?

RedOctane talks next-gen.

New Guitar Hero controller

Released by third party.

Gibson seeks Guitar Heroes

To play on stage at Donington.

Guitar Hero man to visit UK

And show off the sequel.

Feature | Guitar Hero II

E3: Onboard the Harmonix tour bus.

Activision snaps up RedOctane

Guitar Hero to go next-gen?

Partial Guitar Hero II tracklist

Plus talk of E3 concerts.

Guitar Hero II this November

New songs, co-op, more.