AC/DC Live: Rock Band

No Rock Band 3 this year

Next game "maybe" to have keyboard.

Harmonix boss Alex Rigopolous has confirmed we won't see a third Rock Band game this side of 2010.

AC/DC Live: Rock Band

AC/DC Live: Rock Band

Schoolboy error.

Amazingly, there are bigger problems with reviewing this than the fact that all the AC/DC-related gags have been worn thin by pieces on other rhythm-action games. That's just what happens when about half your song output is about hailing the wonder that is ROCK. (The other half being about hailing the wonder that is sexual congress).

The problem is that the whole thing is somewhat slight - and the question is how much does that matter? It's a standalone version of Rock Band which is being sold for about 25 quid, but only contains the eighteen tracks of AC/DC's Live at Donington album. It's effectively a Track Pack - in fact, it's being marketed as such in the US. You're able to import all the music into your Rock Band library with an included code. In fact, if you do own the game, you probably want to do that immediately, as the software is openly crippled compared to even basic Rock Band 1.

There's no ability to access the Rock Band shop or play any of your other downloadable content - which, perhaps, is understandable in that they didn't want to the game to be a cheap solus pack for those who are only into DLC. What's less understandable is the lack of a character editor, meaning you're stuck playing with whatever random, amusingly-clad cretins the game chooses to generate.

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