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Maroon 5's Adam Levine sues Activision

Over 2009 game Band Hero.

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is suing Activision over 2009 music game Band Hero.

Levine is upset that the game allows users to make his motion-captured avatar sing other artists' songs, according to Reuters.

When this is done, the voices of the artists behind the songs being played are heard – meaning Levine's avatar can sometimes pump out a female singing voice.

Levine also claims he wasn't paid as much as other artists who appeared in the game.

This isn't the first time Activision's suffered a lawsuit over Band Hero.

In 2009 No Doubt sued Activision over the use of their avatars in the Guitar Hero spin-off.

Gwen Stefani and co said they gave permission for their avatars to perform three of their own songs only. "Without the band's knowledge or approval, Activision turned the group into virtual karaoke players by having them perform over 60 additional songs by other musical groups," said the band's lawyers.

No Doubt requested this be changed, but claimed Activision refused, saying the change would be "too expensive".

Also in 2009 Courtney Love threatened to sue Activision after it was discovered Kurt Cobain's avatar could be used to perform any song - not just Nirvana's - once unlocked in Guitar Hero 5.

Eurogamer's Band Hero review sang a 6/10. "Band Hero is a technically solid product pitched at a demographic that does presumably exist - people who don't like Guitar Hero's music, but still want to play along - but it sets a dangerous precedent," wrote Keza. "Where Guitar Hero 5 hauled the series up to a quality plateau, adding a load of features that fans of the series can really appreciate, Band Hero is nothing more or less than a reskin. And even though it's a reskin of a superb game, the lack of concern for the credibility of the music and presentation can't help but cheapen it."