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Red Dead Redemption UK retailer deals

Choose from GAME, HMV, Amazon, Zavvi.

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Rockstar's revealed the UK-specific retailer deals for cowboy game Red Dead Redemption. And all the gifts are useful.

Amazon will give buyers Golden Guns that reap more Fame per kill than normal firearms. And the more Fame you have, the more side-missions will become available.

GAME will give away a Deadly Assassin outfit that, when worn, replenishes the Dead Eye meter twice as fast. This slows time and allows perfect shots to be lined up.

HMV will give you a War Horse - the fastest, strongest and toughest beast in the land.

And Zavvi has Brady Games mini-guides to entice purchasers with.

Red Dead Redemption is due out on 30th April 2010. Look, a video!

Which weapon will you use?

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