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Rockstar adds 60fps to Red Dead Redemption on PS5

It was wanted.

Red Dead's John Marston.
Image credit: Rockstar Games

Rockstar has quietly added a 60fps toggle to Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation 5.

The version 1.03 update is now available and it's a small update that adds a new framerate option to the menu.

The game was released in August across PS4 and Switch, and is available on PS5 through backwards compatibility.

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At launch, it only ran at 30fps, meaning improvements in this version were only minimal. Digital Foundry took a detailed look shortly afterwards.

The framerate toggle is a welcome addition after a fan backlash to the recent release due to its high price tag and lack of features.

Take-Two's CEO followed up by calling the £40 price "commercially accurate".

The port was a long time coming, considering the game is already available on Xbox Series X/S via backwards compatibility.

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