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It's a Mass Effect special! Don't worry, spoilers bleeped out.

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They said it would never last, and it probably won't. But for now we still believe, so here's episode 3 of the Podcast.

Say hello once again to host Tom Champion, who is joined by editor Tom Bramwell. Special guests include Friend Of Eurogamer James Grant, who knows more about the games industry than you could write on the back of a beer mat. A medium-sized one.

Also chiming in is designer Martin Taylor. Unfortunately as this is a podcast you won't be able to see his spectacular facial hair, which in person gives everything he says an added air of gravitas.

Because there's just not enough Mass Effect 2 hype on the internet right now, this week's podcast is a Mass Effect special. Brammers has a bit of a chat about his review and there's some general BioWare-related banter. There were a few spoilers in there but don't worry, we've beeped them out.

Plus there are a couple of code giveaways, which have probably been given away by the time you're reading this.

You can download the third Podcast as an MP3, stream it below, or catch it on iTunes. Here's that all important RSS link: Rest assured that will work with everything, not just iTunes.

Download the podcast

So what's in store for next week's podcast? Well, some of us are campaigning heavily for a Just Dance special, complete with guest appearances by Madonna, Britney and Timberlake. Failing that, Jennifer Beals and any former member of S Club Juniors would do.

Do let us know what you think in the comments, or send us an email, or you can even give it some Twitter. Cheers for tuning in!

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