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More Saints Row, Darksiders in 2011

THQ producing more de Blob too.

THQ boss Brian Farrell has said there will be more Darksiders, Saints Row and de Blob next year.

He told investors during a conference call (reported by Kotaku) that new instalments in each series will appear after April 2011 - the start of THQ's financial year 2012.

That's a quick turnaround for developer Vigil, which only released Darksiders last month. Nevertheless, the game sold well and impressed critics.

Saints Row 2 appeared in October 2008 and faired similarly well. Eurogamer scored the game 9/10 for its deliciously over-the-top openworld antics.

Wii exclusive de Blob was released in September 2008 and, although not typical series fodder, was a strong and welcome addition to the console's third-party line-up.

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