de Blob


de Blob is coming to Switch later this month

Ten years after it launched on Wii.

de Blob IP purchased by Nordic Games, could see a comeback

"We will evaluate opportunities with the existing games, as well as potential sequels.”

De Blob: Underground for spring 2011

Sequel has two-player, 2D platforming.

de Blob sequel coming in early 2011

Eurogamer officially liked the first.

More Saints Row, Darksiders in 2011

THQ producing more de Blob too.

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Katamari, de Blob, Brothers In Arms, Guitar Rock Tour.

Review | de Blob

de Blicious.

THQ Wii Showcase

Battle of the Bands, Big Beach Sports, Deadly Creatures and de Blob.

Shots and videos from THQ Gamers Day

Darksiders, de Blob, Red Faction, loads more.

De Blob for Wii, DS

THQ adds colour.