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de Blob is coming to Switch later this month

Ten years after it launched on Wii.

Delightful colour-splashing platform puzzler de Blob is making its way to Switch later this month, on June 26th, publisher THQ Nordic has announced.

Developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment, de Blob initially released on Nintendo Wii back in 2008. It saw an unexpected new lease of life last year when it arrived on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but, fittingly, will be celebrating its tenth birthday back where it began - on a Nintendo platform.

Cover image for YouTube videodeBlob - Nintendo Switch™ Trailer EU

On release, de Blog received many positive words for its uniquely angled, and faintly deranged puzzle platforming - which saw the titular protagonist bounding through a monochromatic landscape, hoovering up ink and splashing it about to bring life and colour back to the world. It includes 4-player split screen across eight multiplayer modes, and a wonderful soundtrack too.

THQ Nordic hasn't offered much in the way of Switch-specific information, but it did confirm in February that Nintendo's machine would play host to the remastered version released on PC and consoles last year. The publisher has also deigned to celebrate its arrival by whipping out the same rather unflattering trailer it used to promote de Blob on PS4 and Xbox One.

De Blob will cost $29.99 USD (around £22) when it launches physically and digitally on Switch on June 26th - pricing it somewhat higher than the £15.99 PS4 and Xbox One versions.