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De Blob for Wii, DS

THQ adds colour.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

THQ has announced it will be bringing de Blob to Wii and DS next February.

Originally created for the Internet by a group of Dutch students, the game challenges you with reviving a dull and monochrome city by rolling a big blob of colour into things. Stylistically it looks similar to the Katamari games, with vivid and cartoon-inspired graphics.

THQ's Australian studio Blue Tongue Entertainment will be creating the Wii version, and its Hexile studio will develop it for DS. Both will be built with each platform's strengths in mind.

"With de Blob's innovative control scheme, a swing of the Wii Remote or flick of the DS Stylus sends de Blob ricocheting and swinging through the city with splashes of colour in his wake," said Steve Dauterman, big cheese of product development.

"Gamers will be able to liberate the lifeless city of Chroma and create a collaboration of energy, music and colour that is a reflection of each player's gaming style."

Pop over to the original game's website to try it out

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